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Having all the Necessary Kitchenware in Bright

Those who love to cook find that having the essential tools on hand is a beautiful way to begin any recipe. Our selection of kitchenware in Bright means that you’ll never be without any item you need. Learn about our collections for your kitchen.

You’re the Chef with All the Necessary Home Kitchenware

You may not don your chef’s hat when you enter your kitchen, but you are the master of cuisine. Enjoy cooking gourmet meals or cereal for the kids with suitable instruments for every occasion. Learn about some of the items we offer.

  • No matter what time of day, our Avanti Mechanical Kitchen Timer will keep your dishes simmering for the right time. The Avanti 3 Minute Egg Timer is perfect for breakfast, the Avanti Digital Touch Screen is easy to read, and our Acurite Digital Timer includes a back magnet, clip, and stand. So you’ll never overcook any dishes.
  • We have the tools for you when you need to grate cheese, slice onions, or zest lemons. The Avanti Box Grater comes with a storage box. Grate over saucepans with our Scanpan grater with a handle of two or four millimetres. In addition, our Scanpan Fine/Zester can rest over bowls.
  • Ready to make a delicious pasta dinner? Slice your onions with the Avanti Dual Function Two-Way Mandoline, and then reach for our Bormiolli Luigi Oil Bottle and begin to sauté. Ambitious chefs will look to want one of our kitchenware sets, like the Avanti Ravioli Making Set.

Country Collectibles Is Your Partner for a Well-Stocked Kitchen

We look forward to meeting all your kitchenware needs with many items made for any dish ahead. You will have the tools to create magnificent meals or humble bag lunches.