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Scented Candles

Who Doesn't Love the Ambiance Provided by Australian-Made Tilley Candles?

If you haven't discovered them yet, you may want to do so soon because these charming, premium blended soy wax lights in elegant, white glass containers are a joy to behold and nose. Triple-scented Tilley candles, with their lead-free cotton wicks, are hand poured and produced to the topmost quality standards. They will burn cleanly for 45 hours if you follow the burning instructions on the inside lid of the box.

More About Our Tilley Candle Collection

Why not visit your Tilley candles stockists if you live in Albury or Wodonga close by or when you make the trip in our direction from Shepparton, Bendigo, or Wagga Wagga? Alternatively, feel free to order online.

  • For a scent that will make you feel tranquil and calm, consider the delicately crafted Tilley's Tasmanian Lavender soy candle with its rich, delightfully sweet aroma encompassing a hint of herbs.
  • Our Tilley soy wax candles in Patchouli and Musk offer an earthy, woody, bittersweet tone enhanced by an enticing musk fragrance. So why not burn these relaxing-scented candles anywhere in your home to relieve stress?
  • Be transported to a far-away setting with our Persian Fig soy candle. It offers a unique, fruity, gentle, yet indulgent scent. Figs develop a honeyed sweetness while ripening in the summer and afford a sense of serenity and sunshine, even in winter.

Rely on Us for Your Tilley Candles

We will ship your Tilley candles cost-free if you spend more than $100. Reach out for a shipping quote if you wish us to arrange overseas delivery so you can spoil a distant friend or family member.