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Reed Diffusers

Enjoy Nuanced Fragrance From Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are the perfect decorative addition to the shelf, an artistic fusion of style and aroma. Carefully choose a stylish vessel from our premium range of reed diffusers and fill it with an aromatic oil complementing the room. The benefit of reed diffusers is that it produces a constant flow of aroma without the open flame of a candle or the electricity usage of a plug-in diffuser.

Facts About Reed Diffusers

A reed diffuser transforms the feel of a room, infusing a pleasant scent that creates a relaxing environment for leisure, work or sleep. In addition, dipping into reed diffusers, we quickly see further benefits:

  • The number of reeds determines the amount of fragrance released into the room. A few reeds are sufficient for a small bedroom and adding more releases more scented oils. This feature makes your Tilley reed diffuser highly mobile to use anywhere in the home.
  • Sometimes you need an immediate boost in fragrance. In that case, you can flip the reeds over. The aromatic oils on the previously submerged ends will quickly evaporate, filling the room with a divine scent.
  • A filled container with a few reeds will last up to six months, and refilling is easy with our fragranced essential oil bottles. In addition, removing the reeds and capping the bottle when not required means you can store the diffuser for long periods.

Select Your Reed Diffuser

Country Collectibles are Tilley reed diffuser stockists, with many popular fragrances available in refills. Each fragrance is carefully blended for the right aroma. In addition, reed diffusers are environmentally responsible room odorisers, so you can never have too many in the home.