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Imperia Pasta Making Machine
Imperia Pasta Making Machine
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Imperia Pasta Making Machine

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The Imperia Company has been creating masterworks of pasta genius from the heart of Italy since 1932. What makes the company so special is its ability to roll off the production line, time after time, machines that make the tastiest and delicious homemade Imperia pasta that you could imagine. Whether it’s the Imperia SP150 machine or any of the other Imperia machine variations (ravioli etc.) there’s no denying that these Italian pasta-stallions know their onions (and their pasta). The small investment in one of their models will pay for itself many times over in the smiles on the faces of you, your family and anyone who gets to enjoy your delicious home-cooked pasta.

The Imperia pasta maker is a beautifully simple machine to use and enables you to make perfect handmade pasta with such ease. The Imperia pasta machine is amazingly easy to use and highly versatile, making it possible to prepare fresh home-made pasta in just a few minutes! The Imperia chromium-plated steel pasta machine is precision engineered in Italy, sturdy and built to last. With the Imperia and its removable “Duplex” dough cutter, you can make pasta dough in 6 different thicknesses by adjusting the dial on the side, and two types of pasta: tagliatelle and fettuccine.

Using the accessories of the Imperia (to be purchased separately), you will be able to prepare a vast range of pasta dishes: including ravioli and cavatelli (small pasta shells), gnocchetti Sardi (tapered ridged shell) and rigatelli. Also available is a pasta machine motor attachment manufactured by Imperia if you need a helping hand.

Made in Italy and carries a 3-year guarantee
Material: Stainless Steel