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Samantha Badrock Art

About the artist:

I am an Australian artist based in the beautiful Alpine Region. My grandmother was a professional artist for over 60 years, my grandfather was a professional award winning photographer, my uncle is a watercolor artist, my father was a signwriter and my mother is a wonderful quilter. So being creative is just a way of life for us. Predominantly I am a self taught artist, but have also been lucky enough to learn traditional sketching techniques from my grandparents.My grandfather's photography predominantly featured Australian native fauna and flora. His work was just stunning and widely recognised amongst the art community and retail traders.Every birthday we would receive a hand made card featuring either his photography or her art.  I remember sitting next to my grandmother in the backyard closely watching her as she painted the native beauty around us. Whenever we would visit them, i would walk around the house in awe of her artwork and his photography on display and ask all sorts of questions; how did you create that?, What's this? What's that? I would rummage about her art study looking at her tools of the trade. When I decided to start going professional a couple of years back (before the COVID), I would frequently visit her in Bendigo and bring my art with me. I would ask her for tips and tricks on how to improve my art, how to accurately represent my subjects etc. In Bright, we have a beautiful backyard with many native flora and fauna. Particularly native birds. When Country Collectables approached me to create some artwork of Australiana Birds, I was delighted because they were right outside my window! These bird portraits reflect the delicate beautiful nature of the birds that frequent our backyard. I like to think in my own way, I am carrying on their legacy through my own artistic endeavours.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them.